Welcome to the web site of LeonardoET.

We are plastic model shop in japan is handling a lot of plastic model is hard of find.

If you're looking for a plastic model you've discontinued rare and, please come to our shop by all means.

Since we model a specialty store, such as radio control is not handled.

I was the manager of Leonardo originally.

I started a new store in Leonardo after closing. The name of the LeonardoET.

LeonardoET is the successor to shop Leonardo.

Access to LeonardoET

Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 5-2-14 MAKITA Building 1F
TEL:03-5846-5150   FAX:03-5846-5150

Opening Hours 11:00 ~

No regular holiday

GPS Latitude & Longitude : 35.7039305,139.7723018