Store manager introduction

I was born in Fukui Prefecture and grew up in Osaka. My first experience in the world of plastic models and the hobby industry, started when a plastic model was given to me as a present by my father when I was 4 years old. For 45 years now, I’ve enjoyed building AFV and other assorted models. With my keen interest in AFV models, I served with the JGSDF for 2 years, gaining real life military experiences. After separating from the JGSDF, I worked in the corporate world in sales within the aviation sector. At age 36, with my long passion of plastic models, I began working for the original Leonardo. In 2012, Mr. yamamoto passed away (retired), and I inherited part of his store to which I am now the owner and operator. I currently write a monthly column in Model Art magazine on various topics, sharing my experiences and passion of the hobby industry.